Priscilla Hutto – Debut set

Beauty is so subjective, and yet here we are, with another opportunity to celebrate the beauty and talent of the South.  Sometimes you just know, when you look at someone, you can see it in their eyes.  From the past that haunts them, to the future that lays open in front of them, you know that in this moment, it is the beauty that has the whole thing hanging in a balance.  And when that moment is captured in one afternoon, it can be magical.  Enjoy.

Model:  Priscilla Hutto

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Just After Midnight in the Garden

Savannah, Georgia has always been a favorite getaway for me.  Whether for a quick weekend escape or an extended vacation, I’ve always had a great time there.  The history beckons, the culture throbs, and the underlying weirdness of the city forever holds a place in my heart.  This past weekend, I was able to grab some snapshots from the rooftop of the building I stayed in, as well as from the ground as I tromped around looking for trouble.




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Portrait of a Man

Model:  AJ Hodge

Tragedy and Comedy.  All the world is a stage.

I shot these as a test shoot, and did not intend to use it for anything other than preparing for a commercial shoot idea I had in mind. But the emotion in the eyes, and the depth of the expressions grabbed me as I look, I had to share them – portraits in their own right.

The contrast between the two portraits shown together, is subtle, but potent, and invoke memories of the Greek players.


The Alchemist